Mustakissa, garden ornament "walk"

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- Laser cut from 3mm steelplate

- Height approx. 16cm, width approx. 25cm

- Weight approx. 340g

- Weatherproof black paint

- The ornament can be attached to a wooden material such as wooden garden fence

- Design by Wilhelmiina Saarimaa / Wilhelmiina Design

- Made in Finland

How to attach:

1. Use a drill to make a tiny hole to a garden fence (or another wooden place where you want to attach your garden ornament).

2-3. Set the ornament's sharp peg to the hole. Use a soft material (such as piece of fabric) to protect the ornament and knock the ornament on it's place using a hammer.

4. The ornament is now attached

5. You can set a small flower ampel or a lantern to the garden ornament. The ornament is weatherproof so you can keep it outdoors all around the year.

(check the photos)

The garden ornament has sharp edges so it can cause a damage if it drops. Not suitable using as a toy.

Made in Finland

1 unit= 1 garden ornament